Ladekantenschutz Kunststoff Mercedes V-klasse 2014+

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Marke: Mercedes
Modell: V-klasse
Material: Kunststoff
Farbe: Schwarz

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Mercedes V-Klasse 2014

Rear plastic bumper protector for the Mercedes V-klasse

A plastic bumper protector for the Mercedes V-klasse serves, as the name suggests, as a protector for the top of the rear bumper. A bumper is a vulnerable point of the commercial vehicle, especially if you get in and out through the rear doors or tailgate frequently and have to load and unload regularly. The plastic bumper plate prevents dents and scratches and provides grip due to the profile on the plate, so you will not slip when getting in and out.

Plastic bumper protector custom-made for the Mercedes V-klasse

The plastic bumper plate is custom pressed for each type of commercial vehicle. This means it connects seamlessly to your Mercedes V-klasse rear bumper. It is fitted over the entire top as well as the edge of the rear bumper. Compared to other bumper plates, the plastic bumper plate protects the largest surface area of the bumper. As standard, it comes in an anthracite colour with a smooth finish.

The advantages of our plastic rear bumper protection at a glance

  • Specially developed for your Mercedes V-klasse.
  • Perfect fit.
  • Prevents paint damage to the top of the bumper.
  • With chamfer which means the edge of the bumper is also protected.
  • Keeps the rear bumper presentable.
  • In anthracite colour.
  • Wash- and weather-resistant.
  • Mounted within 10 minutes.

Plastic bumper plate mounting

The estimated fitting time for a Mercedes V-klasse stainless steel bumper plate is 10 minutes. An easier assembly hardly exists. Clean the bumper well and measure and note exactly where the bumper plate should be stuck. Using the already applied and strong double-sided 3M tape, stick the bumper plate onto the bumper.

Would you prefer us to fit the bumper plate for you? Then please make an appointment.

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