LED lighting van

Do you want full visibility even in the darkest corner of Europe? Then invest in professional LED lighting for commercial vehicles. Your search will be very easy thanks to our comprehensive selection guide. In addition, are you already completely at home in the world of commercial vehicle lighting? Even better. Order an OSRAM LEDriving lamp from our wide range immediately. Have fun with your new Cube, Round or Light bar!

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Choice guide OSRAM LEDriving: this is how you will not be in the dark

Do you regularly drive in pitch darkness? Alternatively, work through the night on poorly lit construction sites? Then good visibility is vitally important. Therefore, invest in OSRAM LED lighting for commercial vehicles. In our 36-lamp arsenal, you will find many options. However, which lamp best suits your needs? With this selection guide, you will quickly find the answer. Get started!

Far away or close by?

What part of the night do you want to see well? Because a spotlight puts a bright dot on the horizon, while a wide beam lights up the nearby area. Fortunately, the OSRAM LEDriving range also has combination lamps, with a spotlight for far away and a wide beam for closer. Then you do not have to choose at all. By the way, you can recognize the type of lamp by the abbreviation after the product name. SP stands for Spot Beam, WD for Wide Beam and CB for Combi Beam.

How powerful should the beam be?

Does the term, more powerful the better, apply to you? Then look for LED lights for commercial vehicles with a high number in the name. For example, the FX 250-CB "only" reaches 320 meters, while the FX 500-CB shines as far as 440 meters. The principle "the higher the number, the more powerful the lamp" applies to all models in our range. 

Round, Cube or light bar?

The shape of the lamp does not affect its performance, but of course, it does affect the appearance of your car. That is why we also offer plenty of stylistic choices. We start with the very popular light bars. These are narrow bars that you hide in the grill or clip onto the license plate of your commercial vehicle. We also supply square and round lights. The so-called Cubes and Rounds you place on top of your car or, if you have mounted it, on a push bar. Also good to know: every OSRAM LEDriving product name starts with the shape designation. That makes searching for a suitable lamp a lot easier.

Functional, compact or economical?

The OSRAM LED lighting range for commercial vehicles consists four different ranges. In addition to a completely individual design, you will also find small functional accent differences between the series. Are you going for the best possible visibility, for example? Then we recommend the functional (FX) series. You get a powerful light source with ECE certification anyway, which means you may light it in any situation. The Multifunctional (MX) series also excels in ease of use. In this line, you will find LED lights for your van that are easy to mount. The Slim (SX) series is characterized by the very compact housing. Ideal if you want to place the light in a crack in your grill. In addition, are you simply looking for a good light for a competitive price? Then choose a lamp from the Value (VX) series. So you see: we offer a suitable OSRAM LEDriving for every driver.

Also better taillight?

Do you also want better visibility at the rear of your car? Then order a round Reversing VX120R-WD or a square Reversing VX120S-WD. Both reversing lights come with a 45-degree beam angle for perfect visibility when parking and reversing. Please note that you may install a maximum of two Reversing lights per car. 

Driving or working light?

Have enough with your headlights on public roads, but looking for extra lighting for nighttime jobs? Then consider a Light bar MX140-WD, Round VX70-SP, Cube VX80-SP or Cube VX70-WD. These work lights are at least as powerful as driving lights, but a lot cheaper. That is because they do not have to comply with the strict European directives for driving lights.

Complementary accessories for commercial vehicle lighting.

Going for a flawless installation? Then add the special OSRAM cabling and handy lamp supports to your cart. In addition, we offer a wide range of robust accessories that take both the look and ease of use of your commercial vehicle to the next level. Here is a sneak peek:

  • ((TIP) Wire harness: given the ease of installation, we recommend a wire harness anyway. You have two options. The AX 1LS is suitable for one light source and on the AX 2LS you connect two light sources.  
  • License plate holder: On this license plate holder, you can easily mount any driving light from our range. Perfect if you like to keep the LED lighting for your commercial vehicle close to the road.
  • Lamp supports: do you have a push bar on your commercial vehicle? Then attach your new lamp to your beloved accessory. All you need is a sturdy lamp mount. Be sure to select a bracket with the correct diameter.
  • Push bars: don't have a push bar yet? Order it quickly in the store. This will give your car a firm look.​
  • Sidebars: if you need extra light while driving, a little extra body protection is no luxury either. You get this with our stainless steel sidebars​.

Mounting LED lights for company cars is easy.

Of course, we provide clear installation instructions for your new LED lights for commercial vehicles. This way you can easily mount the accessories yourself. Especially if you also invest in an OSRAM wire harness. Look in the manual for the best mounting position, so you know where to mount the lights without drilling. Think this is all too much hassle? Then schedule a mounting appointment with our workshop in Schijndel (North Brabant). Provided you want the lamp in a usual place, we will help you out at a competitive rate. Now that is service!

Unsurpassed service

We like to pamper our customers with excellent service. This starts with fast delivery and spotless assembly service and continues with an excellent warranty. Moreover, we are there for you with advice and assistance. So do you still have questions about our LED lighting for commercial vehicles? Alternatively, would you like advice on the best bulb for your job? Then feel free to contact us​ via email or phone. We are happy to help.