Base Rack ARB Hi-Lift Jack™ holder ( Premium )

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    Mounting is possible on all vehicles.

    Base Rack Accessories - Hi-Lift Jack™ Holder

    The unique dovetail extrusion extends around both the BASE Rack’s full perimeter and along each edge of the internal beams provides endless mounting and attachment options.
    Plus, unlike traditional roof rack channels, the BASE Rack dovetail extrusion won’t collect dust and debris. Each BASE accessory or fixture attaches to the rack with a simple clamp mount, including larger hardware such as Hi-Lift Jack mounts, rollers, recovery boards and even a BASE Rack custom light bar.

    Hi-Lift Jack™ Holders

    An off road jack is a 4WDer’s best friend. When you’re out on the tracks you want easy access to your jack and the Hi-Lift™ Jack holder ensures your jack is always at hand. Available in either a Classic design (for simple jack attachment) or Premium design (for quick release and added security).


    The Premium Jack Holder incorporates two hinged cradles which secure the jack to the rack and can be opened while the jack is resting inside. It also incorporates provisions for a padlock to secure the jack to your vehicle. Just like the Classic, the Premium jack holder can be mounted in either the foot up or foot down position, as well as offering a range of height adjustability.

    Premium holder features:

    • Allows easy fitment of a Hi-Lift Jack™ to your Base Rack
    • Can attach to the dovetail track anywhere on the perimeter
    • Made from strong, powder-coated steel
    • Padlock provision for added security
    • Quick-release loading and unloading of jack

    This product fits all vehicles.