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Do you want to buy a robust stainless steel (RVS) roof rack or a lightweight (black) aluminum roof rack for your Iveco Daily? Then you will definitely succeed with us. We offer custom-made roof racks for every well-known delivery van that drives around in the Netherlands. This way, you can easily take all your materials to the next job and save significantly on total travel costs. Ideal, right?

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Extra Loading Space with a Roof Rack

With a custom-made high-quality roof rack, you add extra loading space to your commercial vehicle. This is ideal if you regularly carry a ladder, long pipes, long planks, or other large items. Moreover, you increase your loading capacity by transporting items on the roof of your van, allowing you to save significantly on total travel costs and have more time for the actual job.

You can come to us for universal roof racks made of stainless steel and aluminum. Both variants come with their advantages and disadvantages. Below, we will elaborate on the differences.

Indestructible Stainless Steel Roof Racks

Every roof rack in our extensive range is carefully designed and produced with equal precision. With the wide choice available, you are assured of a perfectly fitting product. A stainless steel roof rack is also very safe, truly indestructible, and effortlessly carries the heaviest load to your job, regardless of the commercial vehicle you drive.

Although load capacity is the main advantage, we have made several innovative adjustments for greater ease of use. This results in the following list of benefits:

  • A stainless steel roof rack is extremely strong. They easily carry a heavy load.
  • With the loading roller, you can easily roll a ladder, pipe, or plank onto the roof. The loading roller also provides protection to the back of your commercial vehicle.
  • They are equipped with an ergonomic wind deflector. This minimizes noise pollution from wind noise.
  • Appearance matters too. That's why your stainless steel roof rack looks sleek and indestructible.
  • We deliver your stainless steel roof rack pre-assembled to your door. The only thing left is to mount it on the roof of your commercial vehicle.

Why Choose an Aluminum Roof Rack?

An aluminum roof rack is made of high-quality corrosion-resistant aluminum. This gives you lightweight roof racks for your commercial vehicle that can easily carry extra loads. This is ideal if you want to keep the total weight of your van as low as possible, which saves on fuel costs.

Do you want to buy roof racks but are still unsure about the best type for your situation? Consider the following points in your decision:

  • An aluminum roof rack is lightweight. Compared to stainless steel, you sacrifice maximum load capacity in favor of the total weight increase of your van, resulting in lower fuel consumption.
  • The aluminum roof racks are made of anodized aluminum, making them non-corrosive.
  • All aluminum roof racks for vans with doors are equipped with a wide loading roller. This makes it easy to roll your load onto the roof rack. The loading roller also provides protection to the back of your commercial vehicle.
  • The aluminum roof racks are delivered pre-assembled. With the included manual and mounting materials, installation is easy.

Tips for Buying a Roof Rack

Buying a roof rack is a significant investment. Therefore, we find it important that you make the right choice right away. Use our selection guide and keep the following tips in mind:

  • The length of your vehicle: delivery vans come with a short, medium, and long wheelbase. The longer the wheelbase, the larger the roof rack.
  • The year of manufacture of your van: automakers periodically update the design of their popular delivery vans to meet the latest standards. This also means that the size of the van can change and/or the mounting points for your roof rack may be relocated. Therefore, always order a roof rack that corresponds to the year of manufacture of your van.
  • The height of your van: sometimes a manufacturer supplies a delivery van with an elevated roof. We therefore supply roof racks in height variants H1, H2 and H3. The exact height difference can be found in the product description of the delivery van, ensuring you always select the right variant.
  • The type of rear door: always select a roof rack that matches your type of rear door. We supply roof racks for both conventional doors (that swing out horizontally) and tailgates (that open vertically). Note, a roof rack for a van with a tailgate has a ladder roller further up the roof of the van. As a result, the ladder roller may not always be usable.

Easy Self-Installation

To make installation as easy as possible, we ensure that roof racks are delivered pre-assembled. The only thing left is to mount them to the attachment points on the roof. You can do this yourself in about 30 minutes with the help of a friend or colleague.

Would you prefer to outsource the installation? No problem. We are happy to install your roof rack in our workshop. Make an appointment, and we will take care of the rest.

Complementary Accessories

We offer many additional accessories to enhance your experience with your universal custom roof rack. How about:

  • Ladder clamps: with a ladder clamp, you secure the ladder to your roof rack. The ladder remains immobile on the roof of your vehicle while driving, as it should.
  • Ladders: do you want to mount a ladder to easily climb onto your roof rack? A stainless steel ladder provides easy access via the side or rear of your delivery van.
  • Pipe holder: a pipe holder offers safe and efficient transportation of copper pipes and other long materials.
  • Walkway: with a walkway, you create a flat loading platform on top of your van. Ideal if you transport relatively small loads.

Would you like our help in buying a roof rack? Feel free to ask your question.

Would you like to buy a roof rack for your Iveco Daily but have additional questions or want more advice on a roof rack for your commercial vehicle? Contact us via phone or our contact form.